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  • Curriculum

  • Our English curriculum is being reviewed and rewritten during 2015-16. In the meantime here is the existing curriculum. We will post news on the new document as well as drafts on this page when they are available.
  • In the meantime, click on the cover here to download the current version.
  • Resources

  • We also have available for download some resources which have been developed to support the curriculum. Click on the links to download:
  • – Round-Robin Reading causes a number of problems for readers and is ineffective when used in a Guided Reading session. Read this article and find out why: Goodbye_Round_Robin

    – How Guided Reading should be organised is briefly covered here: How is Guided Reading structured

– This document includes some ideas on how to make the school library a valuable resource in developing information literacy in students: Information Literacy and Library


Library Books

If you have money to spend on library books check out these sites for guidance. Sites list most popular books for students. Sites are American and Australian and books do overlap lists. Remember children’s book should be read (and reread) to early readers. We don’t expect them to read books independently at first.

Best Australian Picture Books

100 Best Young Adult Books

New Classics

50 Favourite Childrens Books


Also look out for Book Awards each year. Here are some 2014 awards:

Australian Childrens Book Council

Booktrust Book Awards Shortlist

Children’s & Teen Choice Book Awards

Reading Children’s Book Prize

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Latest News

5 August 2016
We have begun to release draft elaborations for the new English curriculum on the web. Have a look here and let Julie McLean at the CPD know what you think.

14 May 2016
The IEA Mathematics Curriculum continues to develop further resources. Have a look here.